How do i run a google ppc ad?

Just like you should tell your guests when your dinner is, you should tell Google when it should show your ads so that you only spend money when it counts. For example, you can avoid showing your ad in the early hours of the morning, since people might not be interested in converting. When you organize a dinner party, you don't invite everyone you've met. This way, you can adapt the experience to your specific tastes and interests.

Similarly, you don't want your Google Ads campaign to be shown to the world. This is where you can set your location and language. To calculate an adequate budget, you'll first need to calculate your monthly spending. Start with keyword research and check Google Ads benchmarks for your industry to anticipate your average CPC or CPA.

Just as there are different ways to prepare a meal, there are different ways Google can spend your budget, depending on your goals. To choose your bidding strategy, select “Or select a bidding strategy directly” (not recommended). In my experience, this isn't usually addressed too often and depends on the company's unique situation. By default, Google will prefer the best-performing ads.

This makes sense because you'll want to get the most out of your money with any ad that Google chooses to show. The next step in running Google Ads is one of the most important. You can't make a recipe without ingredients or run Google ads without keywords. When you enter your keywords, you'll also need to indicate the type of match you want.

This is because there are many searches that a person can perform (called queries) that are not identical but are still very relevant to your keywords. Match types help Google understand which of these keyword variations you want your ads to show. To add extensions to your ads, go to the Extensions section in the left column. From there, the Google Ads platform will guide you through the process.

The best part is that Google is always adding and improving ad extension options. Check out our Google Ads extensions cheat sheet to explore all the ones you can try to improve your ads. What's an awesome Google ad without a landing page? Failure. When you're ready to sign up, you can always use our free Google Ads performance evaluator to get a detailed audit.

We've simplified Google Ads conversion tracking so you can improve your campaigns and maximize your ROI. Susie is the content marketing specialist at WordStream, where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics and best practices in the ever-evolving field of marketing and advertising. It sounds harsh, but the hardest thing about being a PPC expert is that sometimes I have to give the news that advertisers don't want to hear but need to know.

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